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We provide DAS services, equipment, and support from initial site survey to final testing for cellular and emergency responder radio communication systems. Our expertise makes installation as easy as pulling cable.


Give us your building’s construction drawings and we’ll give you a working DAS. We deliver expert design and engineering, comprehensive project management, quality equipment, thorough testing and optimization, and guaranteed commissioning.

Our licensed, experienced professionals hold PE, GROL, iBwave and RCDD certifications, and can design for any size and shape of building. We guarantee our systems to function as specified and to meet or exceed all regulatory guidelines. Each project is designed for constructability and maximum ease of installation.

As the primary interface to the carriers, we’ll walk the design through the review process, facilitate customer/cellular carrier meetings, and coordinate delivery and installation of carrier-provided equipment.

As veteran subcontractors, we know the importance of construction-friendly procedures. We pre-manufacture and test all components offsite in a controlled environment and deliver them to the site, labeled and paired with detailed, actionable construction documents, ready for installation. We provide system turn-up and commissioning, coordinating with the jobsite in advance of the scheduled certificate of occupancy. And we don’t consider the job done until the building passes inspection.

We provide system turn-up, commissioning, and recertification after installation, coordinating with the jobsite in advance of the scheduled certificate of occupancy.


Whether it’s cell service in an office or police radio in a hospital, reduced downtime is essential. Our teams have completed work in nearly every type of building with all varieties of equipment. We’ll spot problems in existing systems, diagnose malfunctioning equipment and other issues, and recommend solutions.

Coverage Assessment

Using the latest equipment, our experienced field teams will verify coverage in any type of structure. Before designing a DAS for an existing building, we perform a comprehensive coverage assessment to provide our engineers with all the information needed to ensure a successful system design. Our technicians will test for weak signal levels and interference, identify areas that need to be reinforced with a DAS, and review building pathways for constructability planning. Finally, they will review potential locations for donor antennas, headend equipment, fiber infrastructure, and power.

System Management & Maintenance

We can manage and maintain the systems we commission, as well as those installed by others. Our team of trained field engineers provide support to property managers and building owners through continuously managed operation, onsite support, and preventative measures to maintain uptime. Our management interface allows for scheduled notification via email or SMS to maintenance staff or a contact of your choice. Our negotiated response times, event escalation, and access to replacement equipment help minimize system downtime.


Did you know that your ERRCS requires annual testing and inspection? International Fire Code 510.6.1 also requires annual recertification. We can provide annual inspection and recertification to keep your system in compliance. We participate in two compliance reporting solutions: Brycer’s The Compliance Engine and Tegris.