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Wireless coverage is vital. Emergency responders need to communicate. People need cell phones that work. But concrete walls, steel beams, and energy-saving windows can degrade mobile coverage.

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The answer is a distributed antenna system, or DAS. It amplifies and distributes radio frequency signals to provide wireless coverage for office buildings, parking garages, hotels, shopping malls, airports, arenas, hospitals, and campuses.

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A DAS receives the radio signal through an antenna on the roof or an underground cable.

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It amplifies and splits the signal, then distributes it via cable to a network of small antennas throughout the building.

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A DAS provides clear, strong cellular coverage and code-compliant emergency responder radio coverage everywhere in your building. And DAS Simplified is one of the country's leading DAS specialists.

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We provide essential DAS services and support from initial coverage assessment to final testing and optimization.

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We've completed hundreds of successful projects in jurisdictions across the US and built a record of 100% acceptance in all types of buildings, including offices, factories, high-rises, hospitals, shopping centers, sports venues, campuses, warehouses, and airports.

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Established 2004 and headquartered in Seattle, DAS Simplified is a leading cellular and ERRCS specialist. We’ve delivered millions of square feet of coverage for hundreds of clients in healthcare, office space, manufacturing, retail, residential, institutional, warehouse, and government facilities across the US.

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