Partner Program

Partner Program

The DAS Simplified Partnership Program recognizes corporations that are designing and installing DAS at the highest standards of quality. Our Authorized Partner Program signifies an exclusive relationship with DAS Simplified that confers significant standing within the industry.


Partner Authorized

Engineering Firms

Engineering firms who actively work to increase their knowledge of RF design techniques by attending DAS Simplified’s two-day training course will receive exclusive access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Online extended educational materials
  • Referrals/Promotional opportunities
  • Support to Partner charities

Partnership is available to firms who have participated in DAS Simplified’s design training program.


Low Voltage contractors with high levels of quality installations gain compelling rewards and recognition for a job well done. Benefits include:

  • Online educational materials
  • Extended warranty on DAS Simplified equipment
  • Referrals/promotional opportunities
  • Rebates
  • Support to Partner charities

Partnership is available to firms with an installation that has passed DAS Simplified’s field audit.



Fiber SpanAccu-Tech


Benefiting Your Business

The DAS Simplified Partner Program provides exclusive benefits that help you grow your business. These rewards are an achievement that affirms your hard work as a leader and trailblazer at the forefront of our growing industry.

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