Healthcare In-Building Wireless Needs Keep Growing

Healthcare is one of the largest growing industries in the Nation.  We are seeing new medical facilities built nationwide and existing facilities implementing additions and renovations.  They often use multiple communication devices for their day to day operations. Healthcare facilities are turning to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to solve many of their communication problems.  These problems often revolve around poor cellular, radio, and paging systems signal coverage within a building.  The demand for coverage by employees and customers grows daily and the need to stay connected is pushing these facilities to install DAS sooner than later.

As mentioned in this piece by RCR Wireless, Contractors providing DAS for healthcare providers must be able to provide the frequencies and technologies available now and into the future.

 DAS Simplified is addressing these needs with neutral host systems that can incorporate the signals of multiple cellular carriers and public safety systems. Combining the flexibility of the neutral host system with the broad range of frequencies built automatically into the DAS Simplified infrastructure and customers can be secure they have built for their future needs.