Cable Assemblies

Cable AssembliesCables are cut to length based on the design and site conditions. They are then labeled per antenna port, affixed with a connector at each end and each cable and connector is then tested for maximum acceptable return loss and distance to fault. Additionally, we inspect all cable assemblies for discontinuities, moisture egress, kinks, corrosion, pinched cables, and poor center-pin contacts so that they are fully functional upon arriving to the site. DAS Simplified keeps a record of cable test results by serial number in a database for future reference.

Cable AssemblyEach cable length is packaged using a unique recyclable cardboard reel that allows easy storage and installation. The cable reel and its box are labeled per IDF or branch and reference the individual cable assembly in the box.

To speed installation and prevent damage, cables come equipped with a pull-sock, an integrated anti-kink mechanism and dust caps on the cable ends that remain in place until port connections are made.